Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Can't cope

I've written this poem to complete a writing challenge set by an Open University group I belong to.

In October I am beginning a creative writing course with The Open University and, to try and get us into the habit of writing every day, a few of us have started blogs and are completing writing challenges set for us. This was written in response to a request for a 40 line (or less) poem on brutality, and I can't think of many things (if anything, but I don't want to demean anyone else's experiences) more brutal than this.

Can't Cope

I wish someone could make it right,

I don’t know what to do,

I cry myself to sleep at night ,

I’ve no-one to turn to.

The pain I feel is always there,

It’s in my heart as well,

I want to scream, “It’s just not fair!”

A living form of hell.

I’m getting weaker by the day,

I’m left locked up, alone,

I think it’s always been this way,

No ounce of love been shown.

I never, ever speak out loud,

At least not anymore,

I use the darkness as my shroud,

Because their word is law.

I only need to murmur once,

To feel the painful smack,

Just one cry and I hear him pounce,

And feel the bones that crack.

I pray someone will find me soon,

I don’t hold out much hope,

It feels like wishing for the moon,

I don’t think I can cope.

I love my Mum and Dad so much,

Although I know they’re bad,

Always longed for a loving touch,

It makes me very sad.

I’m old beyond my years at two,

I’m trying not to mope,

I pray someone will find me soon,

I don’t think I can cope.


  1. I agree with Paula, it is disturbing but beautifully executed.x