Thursday, 11 August 2011


It's been a challenging week. It started off where I was panicking that we hadn't started packing as we're moving in three weeks, to us having lost the house we were supposed to be moving into in three weeks. I know, incredibly careless to lose a WHOLE house, but still, we managed.

So many options have presented themselves in the last nearly 48 hours, from moving in with my in/out-laws, to buying a caravan, but it seems we have a solution. Potentially. We're going to see a new house, a much smaller house, with no garage, that is very small, with only two bedrooms (did I mention how small it is?) and a weeny garden. We may be able to move into that in 6 weeks (our current contract has been extended by a month due to WONDERFUL landlady!!) 

We're only a family of 2 and a half (my lil girl BARELY classes as half in size, but way more than that in gob!! :D) and yet I'm really panicking about space. Right now I have somewhere out of the way to read and write, but in the new (little) place there's nowhere like that. Not even a cupboard I can set up in!! 

So hooray for maybe getting a new house when we were almost homeless and I know I should be very grateful, but I'm REALLY hoping the new (little) place has elastic sides and a weeny bubble that I can hide in! 

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